Mysterious Crystal


Crystal Prisoner

A prisoner sentenced to death in a 55,000HP crystal that heals itself every 5 seconds. His silver tongue will persuade you to aid in his jailbreak, but prepare for a fight once your friends and their friends and the friends of their friends finally crack open the crystal.

The Crystal Prisoner also drops the rare Crystal Sword Sword and Crystal Wand, also known as Csword and Cwand respectively.

HP: 27,000


Aesthetic: White Ball

  • Damage:95
  • Amount:1
  • Speed:7
  • Lifetime:3
  • Max Range Fired:14
  • Cooldown: None

Aesthetic: Silver Boomerang

  • Damage:140
  • Amount:4
  • Speed:4
  • Lifetime:5
  • Max Range Fired:12
  • Cooldown:?

Aesthetic: Blue Star

  • Damage:120
  • Amount:12
  • Speed:5
  • Lifetime:4
  • Max Range Fired:12
  • Status Inflicted: Slow (5 Seconds)
  • Cooldown:?

Aesthetic: Purple Star

  • Damage:110
  • Amount:12
  • Speed:5
  • Lifetime:4.5
  • Max Range Fired:10
  • Status Inflicted: Confused (1 Second)
  • Cooldown:None


First phase: After the crystal cracks, the Prisoner releases minions, and shoots a shockwave of white balls and shouts one of these phrases: "Come closer, let us feast upon your life force!" "We are swelling with energy!" "Let us show you the meaning of our existence!" "I'm Free! I'm finally free! yes!" "HAHAHAHA! you do not know what evil even Oryx has to contain!" Then it starts shooting 4 swirls of white balls at a high rotation speed, while periodically shooting weaken wedges. Second phase - summons a bunch of clones. Partly invincible during this phase. Third phase - Grows, turns gigantic and shoots a batch of 3 blue slowing stars in each general direction followed by a barrage of confuse stars. Partly invincible in this phase. Phases repeat.

Tips: when the crystal prisoner goes into its clone phase, there are two ways you can tell which crystal prisoner is the real one.

  • A: the clones will say "I am everywhere and nowhere!" while the crystal prisoner will not say anything
  • B: the crystal prisoner will be invulnerable until near the end of this phase, while the clones are always vulnerable. once you spot the invulnerable crystal prisoner, solo down on it and claim your SB damage!

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