The controls can be found by hitting the "Wrench" icon in the Nexus or hitting the default key "O", but you can use this page as a reference for all of the default keys and settings.


  • W: Move Up
  • A: Move Right
  • S: Move Down
  • D: Move Right
  • Off: Allow Camera Rotation
  • Q: Rotate Left
  • E: Rotate Right
  • Space: Use Special Ability
  • I: Autofire Toggle
  • R: Reset to Default Camera Angle
  • B:Toggles between the Inventory Tab and the Stats Tab
  • [Unset]: Toggle Performance Stats
  • [Unset]: Toggle Centering of Player

Hot Keys

  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8: Use Inventory Slot 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • =: Mini-Map Zoom In
  • -: Mini-Map Zoom Out
  • R: Escape To Nexus
  • O: Show Options
  • I: Toggle Fullscreen Mode (Only on Steam client)


  • Enter: Activate Chat
  • /: Start Chat Command
  • Tab: Begin Tell
  • G: Begin Guild Chat
  • On: Filter Offensive Language
  • PgUp: Scroll Chat Up
  • PgDn: Scroll Chat Down


  • 45: Default Camera Angle
  • On: Center On Player
  • On: Show Quest Portraits
  • On: Show Tips
  • On: Draw Shadows
  • On: Draw Text Bubbles
  • On: Show Trade Request Panel
  • On: Show Guild Invite Panel


  • On: Play Music
  • On: Play Sound Effects
  • On: Play Weapon Sounds

You can type the following commands in as chat messages.

  • /tell <player name> <text> sends a private message to a player with a unique (gold) name. /t is functionally identical.
  • /who shows a list of who's online in your realm.
  • /help shows a partial list of commands in the chat window.
  • /ignore <player name> will ignore player.
  • /unignore <player name> will unignore player.
  • /tutorial teleports the player to the tutorial dungeon.
  • /pause will enter you into a paused state where you can't be harmed, but you can't use items or regenerate hp/mp. Can only be used when no enemies are nearby. /pause again exits the paused state.
  • /trade <player name> opens a trade request with the player you named. Will not work if the player is not nearby.
  • /teleport <player name> teleports you to the player name you entered.
  • /server tells you which realm you are in.
  • /yell <text> broadcasts your message throughout the entire Nexus (instead of just 15 squares)
  • /invite <player name> invites a player to your guild, only available if you are a leader or officer.
  • /join <guild name> joins a guild that you have been invited to.
  • /nexustutorial teleports the player to the tutorial Nexus.
  • /decamenu experimental category in options


The Tutorial command is very useful, even for experienced players because it is place to get Health Potions and Magic potions if you don't want to walk around the beach area.

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