This is a list of customized commands made by the RotMG player for player convenience. to change commands in-game, go to options and click on the box where the hotkey is. (e.g, click on the "w" where is says "Move Up". then type in the key you want to change it to.

To see the default settings, go to:


  • W: move up
  • A: move left
  • S: move down
  • D: move right
  • On: Allow camera rotation (it is very helpful)
  • Q: rotate left
  • E: rotate right
  • Space: use special ability
  • I: autofire toggle
  • Z: reset to default camera angle (R is used for something else)
  • M: Switch between inventory tab and stats tab (easier to remember than B)
  • N: Toggle Performance stats (close to M and easy to remember)
  • P: Toggle centering/un-centering of player (very easy to remember, and you'll need it)

Hot Keys

  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8: use inventory slot 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • =: Mini-map zoom in
  • -: Mini-map zoom out
  • R: escape to Nexus
  • O: show options


  • Enter: Activate Chat
  • /: start chat command
  • Tab: begin Tell
  • g: begin guild chat
  • On: filter offensive language
  • PgUp: scroll chat up
  • PgDn: scroll chat down


  • 45: default camera angle
  • Off: Center on player (you can change this simply by hitting P)
  • Off: Show quest portraits (this prevents the annoying omg-darn-I-scrolled-the-mouse-over-the-quest-portrait-and-now-it-wom't-go-away-and-it's-getting-in-the-way problem. you can still see the portrait when the quest first becomes your quest and when you scroll the mouse over the red arrow and then stop moving it)
  • On: show tips
  • Off: draw shadows (this helps prevent lag, which is the deadliest thing in the realm)
  • On: draw text bubbles (really it doesn't matter if you do it on or off it all depends on your preferences. some people like to do it off so then when bosses are talking, you can still see whether or not they are vulnerable or invulnerable or whatever)
  • On: show trade request panel (unless you're doing a NPE)
  • On: show guild invite panel (unless you're stupid or reclusive)


this really does not matter it all depends on your personal preferences. I suggest though keeping sound effects on as you will be able to hear monsters getting hit and dying, bags dropping, and useful stuff like that.

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