Constructs are found in the god lands and in the highlands. There are three types of constructs, the wood construct, the steel construct, and the stone construct.

These are the least often killed monsters in the godlands due to their high health and annoying healing. 

Steel Bot

Steel Construct.

Rock Bot

Rock Construct.

Paper Bot

Wood Construct

Construct Behavior

Constructs will mostly be found in groups of three (the three types). they will heal each other quickly while firing medium to small damage bullets at you.The bullets move at slow speeds making it easy to dodge but when there is a lot of contructs, the quantity of bullets will make it hard to dodge. The bullets shot from contructs passes through you while doing dmg (similar to archer bows and ninja Katanas).

Tip: if you are a mystic or a powerful enough character (8/8), you can step right next to one of the constructs (excluding the steelrock construct because that one shoots the large balls) and take it out within a second. if you do this, you mess up their healing pattern, since they heal in a circle. then you will be able to take the rest out easily.

BEWARE: When multiple groups of constructs are bunched together, they all heal each other. this can make the mystic's ability pointless, for if you stasis one wood construct, then the other will still be able to heal.

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