T6 Colossus Shield-500x500

A superior shield forged in deep armories for the construct armies of the underworld.

The Colossus Shield is an endgame ability item that drops from Oryx the Mad God 2. With the exception of untiered shields, it is the best possible ability the Knight can equip.


The Colossus Shield fires 5 short range bullets 3.2 tiles infront of the player, each shot dealing 300-360 damage to any enemy it strikes. In addition, each use of the shield costs 100 MP. These shots pierce as well as pass through obstacles. Upon being hit, an enemy will have a stun debuff applied for 3 seconds.

On equip, the shield will grant a total of:

+12 Defense

+2 Vitality

+2 Wisdom

+4% Fame Bonus

The shield has a feed power of 380 and sells in the nexus shops for 425 gold.

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