Learn to choose the right weapon

Choosing a Sword

Choosing a weapon of your style is important. DO NOT just choose the most expensive weapon.

Example: You see two salesman one is selling demon blade for the same price as the one with the ancient stone sword. Demon blade is worth more, but in this case it isn't usually the favored weapon.

Look at the stats see if its your style Csword gives range to a heavy armor class Dblade is nearly a 2 shot golden sword Ass is a 60% dex superstrong advanced range sword.

Bows, wand, and daggers

(Staves and katanas either have obviously better/worse uts)

Choosing a bow This will help you choose between bows like gbow-covert (T8-T12) or doom and coral bow First I am going to say Coral bow is usually preferred over covert because it has more damage, range, dex and fame but it DOES have 1 less shot so covert can have an advantage at a rare point The trouble is picking doom or coral

Doom or Coral. <- means advantage 400-500. <- 60-80 7.0. 7.8. <- 33% dex. 125% dex <- 1 shot. 2 shot. <- Pierce Pierce

Doom has less advantages but has one major advantage, much higher damage

Picking a wand

Perhaps the hardest decision these are the ones to pick.

Recompose: Choose this if your after a high damage reliable wand.

Crystal wand. This wand is a deep sorcery but instead it has 4% fame.

                       Also it can shoot through enemy's (pierce) sacrificing 
                       Range making it like a staff in range

St Abraham's wand: This wand advantage is just 0.4 more range making it the

                       Most ranged non-ability in the game also 2 stat boosts
                         By 4 in vit and wis

Conducting wand; This helps you in def and wis also being extremely

                        Strong  more than recompose use this unless the minimum 
                         Damage bothers you

Bulwark: A immensely strong wand I mean near Doom bow that has

                       Only 6.6 range but it is 6 % it's also low dex the 
                        Most important part is it goes through obstacles but
                        Is so powerful it cannot be controlled

Choosing a dagger:  Bone Much like a mithril dagger but has 4.5 range and pierces

Cronus: The most powerful and fame full dagger although

                        It's almost identical to a csword which makes
                        It worse because its weaker by a tiny bit and doesn't
                       Allow heavy armor but it gives a wis boost and has more

Spirit: A minor loss in range doesn't stop this as it has 10

                        More average damage than foul still losing to Cronus
                         In power

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