Belladonna's Dungeon
Belladonna’s Garden is a dungeon that can only be opened by using Bella's Key, which was available for a limited time in the Nexus for 100 Fame .

The Dungeon

The dungeon is a small square room with trees surrounding the garden. Belladonna will be sitting in the middle and will attack immediately.

-Difficulty: 4 out of 5.


  • Belladonna bud
  • Immaculate red flower
  • Immaculate blue flower
  • Immaculate yellow flower

All of these monsters are spawned by Belladonna during her second phase.


Once Belladonna is killed, the Test Chest will appear. This chest has 150,000 hp, but no defense. Get in there and claim your soulbound loot!

Drops of interest


  • During Belladonna's second phase, the Mystic is an invaluable class. Mystics will want to stasis the Belladonna's buds as soon as they spawn. If there is no Mystic in your group, back away from Belladonna, as sitting on Belladonna's buds can result in insta-death. There are certain places in the room where you can sit without getting hit. Once they disappear and new ones come in, move to where they used to be to avoid eating their shotgun. or in the case of a large group like Oryx the Mad God, just sit in the middle, bring some hp pots, and have your finger on the Nexus button.
  • Belladonna's Garden can also be soloed fairly easy if you know what you're doing. During her first phase, try to keep her as close to the center as possible and keep dodging. When she goes into her second phase, either stasis, stun, or daze the buds, then stand right in front of Belladonna (Stay away from the diagonals!) and do not move. When Belladonna spawns red flowers, kill those as soon as possible and ignore the other flowers. Just focus on Belladonna, and keep your finger ready to drink some HP pots just in case. As soon as she's dead, kill the Test Chest that spawns in the center. Note: If soloing the chest, don't be too disappointed if you get no loot. It is similar to soloing the Pentaract, as the dungeon was made to encourage co-op playing like The Shatters.

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