The Beer God is one rare god to find. You can find it in the outskirts of the godlands or a beer slurp pet can lead you to where the Beer God is. He is not seen by the player until he/she steps on a tile that spawns him and he is summoned out of nowhere! When the beer god summons, he'll appear like a ballon swelling up!


HP: 4000

DEF: 10

Doesn't count towards god kills

You can only see him on the mini-map as a red dot. In order to activate it, you need four people or a player with a beer slurp.


Boomerang: 100 dmg, 5.5 tiles/second, 4.4 range (note: he fires enough shots to instantly kill most players, so if you aren't maxed in defense and HP, get back!)

Barrel: 75 dmg, drunk for four seconds, 6.5 tiles/second, 9.1 range

Bottle: 50 dmg, drunk for four seconds, 7 tiles/second, 9.8 range


  • Realm Wheat Hefewiezen
  • Mad God Ale
  • Oryx Stout
  • Tier 4 abilities
  • Tier 10 armor
  • Tier 9 weapons
  • Potion of attack
  • potion of defense

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