' Enter this destroyed Nexus at your own peril. '


The Battle Nexus key is a key which was only obtainable at the destroyed Nexus event. It was obtainable at the shop in the Nexus for 100 fame per key. Note that it can no longer be bought, but only traded. 


Opens the ' Battle for the Nexus ' dungeon where the player is currently standing.


The dungeon consisted of 4 rounds, where you fight stronger versions of boss monsters that you would find in other dungeons.

Wave 1: Either the epic dungeon Woodland Labyrinth's boss, the Megamoth or Lord Ruthven

Wave 2: Either Stheno the Snake Queen or Archdemon Malphas

Wave 3: Either the Green Dragon from the old Lair of Draconis dungeon or Golden Effigy Oryx

Final Wave: Oryx 2

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