"A slow but powerful sword that is a relic of a long forgotten age."
Tier: Untiered

Shots: 1
Damage: 340-390 (Average: 365)
Range: 4.0
Rate of Fire: 60%
Fame Bonus: 4%

Usable by KnightPaladin, Warrior


Even though its DPS is almost the same as Skyplitter's  it is the choice of many sword class players. The first and obvious advantage is the range. You might think that 0,5 range is nothing, but it can really help, mostly at Oryx or Tomb of the Ancients, as everything shoots shotguns there and getting a bit closer might kill you. Other advantage is the higher damage on each attack. Like other Doom Bow style weapons, you deal more damage to enemies with higher defence as defence reduces flat damage. E.G. : Enemy has 20 armor, your weapon deals 100, outcome damage is 80. Your weapon deals 200 damage but with 66% Rate of Fire, you deal 180 damage less often, so 66% of that is 119.

Oryx Stone Guardian Left

Drops from: Stone Guardians (in Whitebag )    


Abbreviation for this sword is A.S.S. That is completely unintentional and has no hidden meaning (I think :D). It is normally used between players.

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