The Abyss of Demons is a high-level dungeon dropped by medusa, one of the Gods of the Realm .


The Abyss of Demons contains a lot of lava and thin paths, giving you minimal room to maneuver. It takes a long time to complete even for skilled players because it is a maze. The Abyss of Demons may also have a treasure room.



There are different rooms, with a varying amount of pathways. This description excludes the boss room.

Dead End:

This room only has 1 way out: Back where you came. Very frustrating, especially if you dragged through many enemies and tanked lots of shots and there are hordes of demons trailing after you. (And you'll have to drag through them again and tank the shots again.)

2-Intersection Room:

There are 2 ways to go: either fight your way into the next, uncleared path, or retreat back down the way you came.

3-Intersection Room:

This time, you have 2 unexplored paths to choose. Sometimes, the unexplored room entrances may be right next to each other, meaning that you will attract demons from one room while trying to get into the other.

4-Intersection Room:

This is one of most dangerous rooms, as the combined force of 3 rooms may rush out at you, quickly reducing your character into a gravestone.

Treasure Room:

Apart from the Boss Room, this is the most dangerous. Accompanied by a contingent of demons, there sits a golden Demon Idol. Kill the demons first, but don't hit the statue until they are dead, as you will be in for a difficult fight! When triggered, the statue lets loose bombs that turn parts of the floor to lava. Also, the hallway to the room is flooded with lava, meaning you cannot escape, meaning you only have 1 shot at killing this thing, unless you are teaming with others, where you can teleport to your teammates. The bomb-induced lava will drain away only after the idol has been killed. It will also fire paralyze shots, which is dangerous especially if the lava is appearing under your feet! This boss has the exact same drops as the boss, Archdemon Malphas.

Amount of Lava in Rooms (Excluding Treasure Rooms)

There are varying amounts of lava in rooms. The amounts can be put into 3 categories (excluding treasure room, which spawns its own lava):

Little to None:

No lava in this room, except in the corners. Very manuerverable here, and doesn't slow you down!


Veins of lava stretch across the room, inconveniencing you, as there is only 1 way across without getting hurt: a lone lava bridge.

A Lot:

The entire room will be full of lava, with only a tile wide lava bridge, making it hard to dodge the demons, as you cannot dodge much without taking a lava bath, compared to the demons, which can move over the stuff with ease.


All the enemies in the abyss of demons shoot high damage shotguns. I strongly recommend that you do not go into the Abyss of Demons if you are inexperienced. If you are, then go in a group, if you want to. Maxed characters that know what they're doing can solo and rush. However soloing with unmaxed characters is possible, although it could take a while and is risky.


The boss is called Archdemon Malphas. He sits in the center of the room, with six White Demons on the outer edges of the room. It is wise to move around the edges of the room, not getting close enough to Malphas to activate him, and eliminate them first, as they will make the following boss fight very difficult if not killed. And, they also have a chance to drop potions of attack, which are actually quite rare and valuable.


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Archdemon Malphas

Once activated, Archdemon Malphas will constantly cycle through 4 phases, all the way until he is killed.

Phase 1:

Malphas will spawn red x-like stars, which will move to you and explode when close enough. While devastating to unmaxed characters, those maxed in defense are easily able to shrug it off. Malphas himself will slowly move towards you, firing lone white balls that armor pierces (ignores your defense and armor), and deal 60 damage each.

Phase 2:

Archdemon Malphas will become very small, and very erratic, making him difficult to hit. He will constantly be firing a circle of shields that weaken you, and the same armor piercing shot with the same damage, as in the first phase.

Phase 3:

Malphas will become very large and slow, firing the same weaken shots, but firing large white balls that deal heavy damage, but on the upside, they're slow! He will also move slowly towards you, so try and move around a bit, so you don't get stood upon, which will really ruin your day.

Phase 4:

Archdemon Malphas will spawn many Abyss versions of the Flamer King. After a little while, he will become vulnerable, back away, and flash black. Malphas does not fire any bullets during this phase, making him a sitting duck if you eliminate the Flamer Kings fast enough. Take advantage of this phase to deal as much damage as possible



  • Lava ignores armor and defense, so it will do about 50 damage regardless of your armor equipped.

Recommended Characters


  • Knight
  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Archer(using the right gear)


  • Rogue
  • Assassin


  • Any robe class

Recommended Items

Technically, you could use any tier items to beat this, however you should have at least t7 or up weapon and armor so that you can kill the dungeon enemies before eating a full shotgun. Additionally, any items that give defense, speed, vitality, and/or health.

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