• Scenes from the Nexus Spawning
  • Mass destruction

What Happened

The Player SwatSecOne had hacked Rotmg and caused a massive server wide spawning which killed almost everyone that was on at the time. This is what happened.


On the 7th of September in 2013 the Nexus was hacked into and all ROTMG servers were compromised. Hundreds of powerful monsters were spawned by the hacker/user SwatSecOne. Many died and the effects were devastating. Maxed Graves were lying everywhere. It took a while before Kabam could react and by then many had already died.

The Reaction

Many died in this event. This meant that many players had decided to quit the game. So in an attempt to stop this Kabam decided to revive every character that had died from the mass server spawnings. Despite the mainly negative catastrophe, the surprise attack brought an exciting twist that day.

The servers have now recovered and Kabam has released a new "Battle for the Nexus" theme and a new dungeon in remberance of that chaotic day.

Fighting back

While in the incident, strong players started clearing the monsters to stop more deaths from happening and SwatSecOne has been banned from Rotmg. In the process, players scurried to collect any loot drops to recover other lost characters.

Players Opinions

Anonymus: This is serious, many people lost several life pots of items, 8/8s, 6/8s, 7/8.. SwatSecOne is a evil man."

GerRudi: "I'm probably one of like10 ppl that actually had a lot of fun that day"

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